Tips to help you find your perfect home through online methods


Getting your perfect home is similar to getting the best life partner for you. It takes time to get there, but once you find it, all the previous struggles fade away because this home will give you support for a long time, as well as having the best place to create memories with your family and unwind.

The good news is that getting your dream home is easy, as long as you know where to look and plan ahead for what you want.

Conduct your research

The type of home you will be pleased with will depend on your goals. Are you looking for a country home or an uptown abode, for instance? Keep in mind that neighborhoods can also change drastically, even if they are within the same vicinity. This is where doing research comes in, as well as other factorssuchas finding the right real estate agent.

Check out online listings to give you an idea of what to expect in an area, and look at other factors such as the walkability score n availability of amenities in the area. Aside from online research, also take the time to visit prospective areas in person – nothing beats this when looking at the finer details of your future home.

Keep a close eye on your financial status

The process of getting a home is not easy, and can cost a lot of money along the way due to the approvals you will require. However, it will be infinitely easier for you if you can get your finances in order first.

Make sure to check your credit scores and reports to see if you have any outstanding bills to deal with, and ease the process of relocating. After this, you can tally all the funds you require, and calculate the down payment as well as other costs. This brings us to:

Make sure to stay within your budget

It can be very tempting to search for homes that are outside your budget, especially after you already know what you qualify for after settling all pending payments. However, this approach does not make sense, and can land you in financial trouble later on, while souring the love you already feel for your new abode.

As a general rule, adopt the 28/36 rule. This states that the expenses you have relating to your housing should never go beyond 28% of your gross monthly income. Any other expenses, such as car maintenance, school fees and so on, should never go beyond 36% of your gross monthly income. This will allow you to afford yournew home comfortably.

Planning ahead

While you are looking for a home, you need to consider what will work best for you, both now and in the future. The minimum number of years you should be planning to stay in your home should be five to seven, and longer periods are also great.

Final thoughts Getting the perfect home, especially online, can seem daunting. However, it does not have to be – with proper planning, you can ensure you will get the home you want for your present and future growth.